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अमेरिकाका एमाले समर्थकहरु एमाले-कांग्रेस गठबन्धनको बिरुद्ध ? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by UNDF Press Release   
Saturday, 13 June 2009 21:41
न्यू योर्क- एमालेको अमेरिकास्थित भात्री संगठनको रुपमा चित्रित तर नेपालको प्रगतिशिल बिचारधारामा विश्वाश राख्ने बाम्पन्थी अमेरिकि नेपाली युबाहरुको साझा संगठन युनाइटेड डेमोक्रेटिक नेपालीज फोरमको न्यू योर्क च्याप्टरले एमाले-कांग्रेसको गठबन्धनलाई "एक पाइला पछाडि" (A Step Backward" को संज्ञा दिएकोछ ।

UML- NC Alliance – A Step Backward

We firmly believed that UML was capable of providing leadership in fostering progressive democracy – the democracy where any form of hypocrisy would be rejected and people’s verdict would be respected in every step. But by pulling out of the Unified CPN – led government and forming a new one with support from the parties with which it has ideologically little in common, UML has led the country a step backward. Instead of uniting with progressive forces, it formed alliance with opposite forces. It thus became a relic of the old political system where a government is formed and sustained on the basis of the bargain political parties make for ministerial posts.

How could UML condition its support to the democratically formed progressive government on retaining the army chief who openly defied the people’s government? Even in the UNIM’s opinion, the army chief violated the peace agreement by recruiting new army personnel.

Shouldn’t UML have opposed the foreign powers when they showed undue concern about Nepal army’s chief? By opposing the then government’s decision to sack the army chief, it sided with the foreign intervention in Nepal’s internal affairs. Can any one imagine Nepal’s ambassadors pressuring these foreign countries into appointing army chiefs of their liking?

UML further demonstrated its regressive nature by opposing to debate in the Constitutional Assembly whether the President’s reinstating the army chief against the then government decision is constitutional or not. Its commitment to free and open society is put into a grave doubt when it along with the Nepali Congress (NC) party puts pressure on the assembly not to register the Unified CPN’s proposal on this issue. Isn’t it a demonstration of UML’s cowardliness? 

UML has initiated the feudal political culture in the country where political leaders would put their personal interest ahead of the country’s. How could we now be sure that such an unstable and unpredictable government would be able to address people’s daily problems of clean drinking water, electricity, education, health and employment? Shouldn’t UML have continued to support the Unified CPN – led government only to give continuity to its noteworthy successes. The CPN government, in spite of several shortcomings, had succeeded in raising revenues by on average more than 50% - a feat something unheard of in the country. The government had also taken steps to generate hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities.
At this moment, we also urge the Unified CPN to take stock of its failures and successes in its effort to create a fair and free democratic Nepal.

The party urgently needs to create an army of disciplined cadres that is capable of serving the people, but hitting enemies hard. If they mix up people with enemies, they will be playing in enemies’ hands and causing a great harm to the party. The excesses committed by YCL are examples of such misdeeds. We sincerely hope the party will rectify its mistakes and emerge as a more disciplined and people serving party.

Democracy will be relevant to people’s daily lives only if those who lead the country backward are shown the exit in time. If not, a new society will never be created and people will continue to suffer. The responsibility ultimately lies with the people of Nepal.

Tek Gurung

President, UNDF, NYC


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