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Written by Amit P. Shah   
Tuesday, 17 November 2009 12:07

New York- The Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) has appointed the Nepali Scientist & Doctor Binod Shah as its new President.

Dr. Binod Shah. Photo: ANTA

The decision to nominate Dr. Shah is made after ANTA's founding President Mr. Ratna Jha has resigned from the post of president citing his personal reason. Mr. Jha was recently elected as Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA-ICC) Secretary General. Sources informed USNepalOnline that that was the reason behind resignation of Mr. Jha.

Dr. Binod Shah (New York), who has been serving on ANTA’s Executive Committee as its Senior Vice President prior to the appointment.

Dr. Binod P. Shah, one of the most respected personalities of Nepali Origin in the USA, has lived an exemplary life of service and leadership. With a humble beginning in a remote village Bhutahi Paterwa, Dhanusha in Nepal and life full of struggle, Dr. Shah managed to be an Assistant Professor of Rehabilittaion Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. Apart from his exceptional success in career, Dr. Shah has played an equally prominent role in his community. He is a founding member of Association of Nepalese Physician in America (ANPA) as well as the Director in-large of Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA), USA.

Dr. Shah is very loved by his community members and he has served as a role model to young Nepali immigrants. Consequently, he has been elected as a Vice President of America-Nepal Friendship Society (ANFS) and has been serving on the Advisory Board of numerous Nepali organizations in the USA. He has also been instrumental in bringing the different races of people together. Himself a Madheshi, Dr. Shah understands very well the importance of identity, culture, and racial harmony. He is also regularly interacting with prominent politicians in Nepal and
advocating for peace and stability of his motherland.

Since his early days, Dr. Shah has been involved in alleviating suffering around the world. While studying medicine in Bangladesh, he was familiar with the numerous life lost because of the flooding there. Determined to play his role in helping the brothers and sisters of his neighboring country, he distributed medication and treatment to flood victims in Dhaka as early as in 19987. Returning to Nepal, he came with the same sense of service and kindness for the poor and neglected. He ran a charity clinic and numerous free medical camps for those who could not afford care.

While in Nepal Dr. Shah was an active member of Lion's Club and also worked with other community organizations. Because of his track record of leadership and sense of community, Dr. Shah was given the responsibility to manage the flood victims in Sarlahi, Nepal in 1993. It was one of the worst floods that took hundreds of lives and damaged millions of Rupees of worth in property. Dr. Shah played a praiseworthy role in saving lives and property in such a critical time.

Even with the success and comfort in the USA, Dr. Shah never lost sense of his service to the community around him. Building on his track record of his leadership and service in international arena, as soon as he finished his training and education in the USA, he started serving the underserved Americans, especially those living in the New York metropolitan area. Not only that, but Dr. Shah has organized numerous free health camps for the immigrants and underprivileged people of Queens,New York.

Though most people are familiar with Dr. Shah's achievements as a doctor and as a community leader, very few people know that he is also an inventor and a highly regarded scientist. As a successful inventor, Dr. Shah holds patent for Safety Canula as well as for Pneumatic Limb Exsanguination Device, and as a scientist, he has authored and co-authored numerous papers. Dr. Shah has also been invited to present his findings around the world.

According to press release by General Secretary of ANTA, Mr. Satendra Sah, In the new Executive Committee, Mr. Lalit Jha (Nebraska) will serve now as the Senior Vice-President and Mr. Ritesh Chaudhary (New Jersey) as the Treasurer.

Executive Board congratulates Dr. Binod Sah for his new leadership role and wishes all the best in his new leadership position.

-Amit Pratap Shah, New York, Comments? 718 753 3926

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