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नेपालको सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय उद्घोषक न्यू योर्कमा के गर्दैछन् ? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Pradeep Pariyar Thapa Magar   
Tuesday, 05 April 2016 11:51

Meet Nepal's most popular media personality Prasan Syanden in New York
Exclusive: 2 photos:
न्यू योर्क- बिर्टिश गोर्खाली लाहुरे शिक्षकका छोरा, ब्रुनाईमा जन्मेका, हङ्गकङ्गमा हुर्केका प्रशन स्याङ्ग्देन नेपाली रेडियोएफएमका युवा पुस्ता श्रोताहरुमा सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय उद्घोषक रेडियो जोके (आरजे) बन्लान् भनेर कसले सोंचेको थियो ? तर उनी कान्तिपुर एफएम (रेडियो कान्तिपुर) बाट सन्चालित म्यूजिक जाम, ड्राइभ टाईम र जम्प स्टार्ट म्यूजिक कार्यक्रमहरु सन् १९९७ देखि २०१३ सम्म सन्चालन गरेर लाखौं संगीतप्रेमी युवाहरु बिच आफ्नो ब्यारिटोन स्वरको ढुकढुकी बन्न पुगे । उनले आफ्नो रेडियो उद्घोशण यात्रामा मिस नेपाल देखि बिदेशी म्यूजिक कन्सर्ट एमटिएल कन्सर्टसम्म सफलतापूर्वक सन्चालन गर्न पुगे र नेपालका सबैभन्दा डिमाअण्ड भएका र सबै भन्दा बढी पारिश्रमिक लिने उद्घोषकको रुपमा कहलिन पुगे । तर नेपालको उनको डेढ दशक लामो उद्घोशण पेशलाई चटक्कै छोडेर बिगत दुई बर्षदेखि उनी अमेरिकामा आफ्नो अर्को भाग्य खोज्दैछन् । के अमेरिकामा उनले अर्को चमत्कार गर्लान् ?

Nepal's most popular media personality Prasan Syangden-Tamang. Photos courtesy: Prasan Syangden

Nepal's most popular media personality Prasan Syanden is now pursuing his career in New York. He was one of the most popular and most fan-following Radio Jockeys of Kantipur FM's Music Jam, Drive Time, Jump Start music shows between 1997-2013. He was one of the sought-after and highest paid emcees (Master of Ceremony) in Nepal's most of the nationwide live music concerts between 1999-2013. Better known for his heavy baritone voice and eccentric presentation, Prasan has hosted Miss Nepal (2001, 2002, 2003), MTL Rock Concert Kathmandu (2012), Record-breaking music fan attended '1974 AD Rock Yatra live in concert at Rangashala (2001) and host of Nepal's biggest music concerts.

Nepal's most popular media personality Prasan Syangden-Tamang in New York City. Photos courtesy: Prasan Syangden

Here is a list of his works as Emcee and RJ:

1. RJ of Music Jam, Drive Time, Jump Start at Kantipur FM between 1997-2013, these are the most popular entertainment shows
2. Emcee of Miss Nepal 2001, 2002, 2003
3. Nepal Cine Awards, 2005
4. Shikhar Beat Contest, Tudikhel, 1999
5. Shikhar Nationwide Musical Tour 2005
6. Mero Mobile Official Launch 2005
7. Mero Mobile Open Air Concerts Nationwide Tour 2008
8. PSI Yek Dam Live Concert Nationwide Tour by USAID, 2003
9. Sundar Shanta Nepal, a musical tour for peace, 2003
10. 1974 AD Rock Yatra at Rangashala, 2001, record-breaking Nepalese concert
11. Idols and Icons Indian Idol PraShan Tamang Concert, 2007
12. Michael Learns Tour (MLT) Rock Concert, 2012
13. Divya Drishti International TV at Image Channel 1999-2001
14. Nepal Star show at Nepal 1 Television, 2005
15. Fight Hunger, Walk the World, Walkathon, Musical Concert by World Food Project, 2006
16. Khoj Yuva Netritwo Ko (In Search of Youth Leader), Reality TV Show by USAID, 2010
17. Harmony for Humanity by Journalist Daniel Pearl Foundation at US Embassy Kathmandu, 2009

Represented Nepal on 'Wired for Change Reporting Tour" to U.S. by U.S. State Department Foreign Press, 2007

-Pradeep Pariyar Thapa Magar in New York. Comments? 917-570-1098, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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