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Tuesday, 09 June 2009 08:30
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Readers' Comments: View: 2007-2008 general comments
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Name Dhan Rai
Location Singapur 

I read the news and saw the photos about Kathamandu ma Phor Ko Sagarmatha......., it is really pathetic condition of New Nepal. 
I think that the demand of the local people is reasonable so Government should address them.
Lastly , I would like to thank to the reporter Jayanti Chamling Rai for the news. 

Name Raj Gurung
Location new york usa 
Comments i was appreciate for our gurung jornalist has post such a nice news but i dont believed that he has make a such a worngly news in us online .com he has made worng news which is he always been there in the reason that is word no is wrong he write 8 but that is 9 and the organized by sayaparti youth club hope next time he will double checked before he send news yessssssss 

Name Sherpa 
Location Kathmandu 
Comments Newa Rajya Jindabad.
Newa swayatta pradesh Jindabad. 

Name Ram kumar Tamang
Location khotang 
Comments the news of lochar is excelent and keep it up specially photo is good 

Name Chandan Kaushik
Location jankpurdham, nepal 
Comments Helodearest & nearest of this wesite organiser,
I am also working for the inedegenous people by the radi progrmm named by ''janjati sandes'' this progrmm is broadcasing by radio today 91 mhz, in terai region. i want to share about this progrmm to all of site viewrs & listeners, how it is possible plz. sugest me. chandan 

Name Chitra Bahadur Rana magar
Location UK 
firstly I wish to newly elected Langhali association board members happy new year 2009.
I hope so keep it on unity strong with progressively.
chitra b.rana magar

Name Suresh Kumar Pakhrin
Location jiri 
Comments ''Fill youyr life with happiness & bright cheer, bring to you joy & prosperity for the the hole year.Wish you a very happy new year( 2009) 

Comments Girija Kiorala sucks! 

Name Mingamar Himali
Location Jomsom 
Comments Hello Sitaram Ji,
Hamro Himali Bhote Jatko dress laeko manis lai jabarjasti tamang banauchhas ?
Turunta photo caption sachei hala ta ? Natra timile yesko natija dekhne chhas..

Name Pemba Sherpa
Location Saudi 
Comments hello everybody how are you im pemba sherpa now work in saudi and all the frands happy losar by 

Name Sher Bahadur Basnet Basnet
Location Raksaul bodar 
Comments sitaram baral lai pahila ta badahai chha . risi dhamala ko kartut hami parbas ma basne nepali lai paske ko ma .ma ke bhanna chhanchhu bhane .llova le lav lav le bilav bane ko yahi ho .je bhaya ni patra kar ko khol usle ode ko thiyo .aba tyo khol aru patra kar le naodun bhanna chha nchhu . 

Name Devika G. M.
Location Dang Rapti nepal 
Comments Dear, sir
Purna g 1st sahid lakhan thapa ko barema detaIl padhna paye. abasar milaidinu vayekoma very very thanks.
Devika G M (Journalist)
Central membar (Nepal Magar Student Asocian) 

Name Lek Tamang
Location Dubai 
Comments Dear all Namastey,

Name Akhanda Tamang
Location Kavrepalanchok= timal 
Comments न म दिलको पूजारी हुँ 
न म सायरको सायरी 
मन मिल्ने यात्राको यात्री हुँ 
सपनाको नदेखिने द्रिस्य 
आउदैछु तिम्रो यात्रामा 
सम्बन्धको डोरी लिएर 
थाहा छैन कुन प्रयत्न हो यो 
थाहा छैन कुन मनको भाका हो यो 
न म सुन्दरताको भोको छु 
न म आधुनिकताको पाखन्ड
सम्बन्धको अटुट डोरी हुँ 
हृदयको धट्कन 

Name Binod Gurung
Location New York 
Comments: Hats off to all the organizing committee. It's really a blooming event for which we can truely be proud of. You people have lead the way by setting an example, by preserving our tradition and culture even in abroad. One of the writer says that ''If you forgot your tradition the world will forgot you'' thats the way you people have mark the proverb and mantained the phase. So, once again a big round of applause to all the paricipants.
One small thing which pinch the body is the space of the hall. Please think for the bigger space for upcoming event. 

Name Dipak Titung Tamang
Location Morang,Nepal 
Comments: Nice news for indigenous people for spreading their views.but it should not be misuse. 
Name Kushal Dhital
Location Japan 
Comments: Hi I visit your home page so likely beautiful. I am working in japan to till the date indian cook do you have any vacancy indian cook?
Name Nepali Nepal
Location usa 
Comments: It is good web site. But to much personal photo which is not good. Plz try more focus on about news and article.
thank u 

Name Mr Puna usa
Comments: Good job. Great. I will like to advice usnepalonline not to much personal is great.
thank u.

Name Chetana Atreya
Location Kathmandu 
Comments: I am proud of you Nepali men starting this e-publication from NY but I see all men talking whether bahun or janajati.not even a dalit man talking or a bahuni.bolne ko matrai pitho bikne?did janajati women ever were forced to be SATI?great jana andolaan! in mbadi top five bahun ketaharu with their wives, sons and any close family relatives, nc = bahun to power5 plus women first relatives and chhetry plus their relatives including wives, daughters and yes darlings, uml the same bahun=bahun=bahun purusha and their relatives,in some other smaller parties they donot even have other cast men members let alone women.madeshi parties, two indian women turned nepali by vartue of nepali men marrying them(believe or not one's husband killed long ago and the others' divorced) picked them up with indian pressure,in name of reservation 30% women are in the ca but their role i donot need to mention everybody knows by now.

please put an affort to write some thing like unity in diversity...if media and foreigners instigate one cast or other male verses female , guess who is going to win the war? mbaddy?wrong.any other party?wrong.janajatis?wrong.

The women afcourse...but some of the party fevourates either have to quit their father parties or join the women led andolaan. 

Name Voice Voiceless
Location Middle east 
Comments: खै के भनु,
बलेकै आगो त ताप्दो रहेछ नि 
निभेको आगो कस्ले पो ताप्दो रहेछ र 
बुढा पाकाले उखान त जाने रै पो भनेका रहेछन 
भोईस अफ भोईस लेस जाने रै पो राखेका रहेछन 
त्यसैले आदिबासी जनजातिहरुको भोईस जहिलेनी
भोईस लेस का भोईस लेस भई राखेको हुन्दो रहेछ,
त्यसैले भोईस निकालेर के गर्नु 
यदि त्यों जहिले नि भोईस लेस हुन्छ भने 
पिक्चर अफ पिक्चर लेस पो राम्रो लाग्यो
किन की भोईस नसुने पनि पिक्चर त देखिन्छ 
यस्तै गरी भोईसलाई भोईस लेस गरी राखेमा 
यो ऐतिहॉशिक परिवर्तन को घडीमा 
अवस्य पनि आदिबासी जनजातीहरुको भाग्य कोरिन्छ

Name Kirant Kamal Sampang
Location Kathmandu 
Comments: Dear sir/Madam,
When I read the meeting on Climate change and meeting in Poland. It was hot issuies on REDD which is major threat for indigenous peoples in the world. Nepal is one of the REDD Country. Indigenous peoples in Nepal should be awareness. Number of new political colonisms is growing to shar their bloody emission with indigenous peoples. The Jounalist workshop did not put their eyes on the views and there was not any represntative of indigenous peoples. 
Climate change and IPs Study program

Gaire Gaire
Location Gairi Gaanu 
Comments: ए भुश तिघ्रेका सन्तानहरु 
अझै निन्द्रामा नै छौ कि क्य हो,
उठ कति सुत्न सकेको 
दुई सय अटतीस बर्षा सुतेर नि पुगेन 
आँखा खोल बिहानी पखा सुर्ये को किरण 
घर आँगन मा झुल्की सक्यो
उठ र् उठाउ सब भुस तिघ्रेहरुलाई 
जाग र् जगाउ ति मस्त निन्द्रामा घुरिएर सुतेकाहरुलाई
कति सुत्छौ अझै सुतेरै बस्ने बिचारमा छौ कि कसो 
दास र् दासी भएर जिउन कति रहर बोकेर हिँदेको,
कहिले कंही मालिक बन्ने सोंच लिन पनि सिक्ने गर 
सदा सदा दासी भएर जीवन ब्यर्थै खेर फालेर न मर

Location JUNCTION BLVD 57-10 NY 11373 
Comments: DEAR SIR 

Name Dipesh Limbu
Location New York/Ilam 
Comments: Its nice wowow Nepal festival but while I saw pics unfortunately i notice our face zero on leadership chairs and 99% on audiance chairs.
So until when we've face this?
Why Paudel when not turist minister?Is it nepal festival or NC?But whatever festival itself is good.

Name Jetha Magar
Location England 
Comments: I am sure this is the very right step at this time of the age to creat ethnic minorities based self determined autonomous regions not only for Magars alone but also for other our ethnic groups e.g. Limbuwan, Khambuwan, Gurung auto region, Newari auto region Tharu-Dhimal state, Tamang-Sherpa autonomous region etc so that each and every tribal group could represent in the Federal government. As of today these ethnic groups are deprived of their fundalmental rights and have been under the Bahuns Colonialism and still are. These tribal groups could not be masters of their own lands.Creating Khambuwan for Rai, Limbuwan for Limbus Gurung autonomous region for Gurungs, Magrant for Magars and other regions for each tribal group is the only solution to prosper under the nation flag of Nepal.

Name Well Wisher Anonymous
Location NYC 
Comments: First of, Congratulations on your first anniversary.

It was very nice of to invite me, among many others, to their celebrations of their first anniversary yesterday at the Himalayan Yak Restaurant, in Jackson Heights, Queens. Not having been very familiar with the web site, I was heartened to join them in their joyous occasion and was looking forward to learning a thing or two.

To put it very briefly, as a well wisher I say this, that yesterday's event was a travesty in a way. It's good to say some good things to, what I assume are, well deserved people that make this site run. But to read congratulatory notes from over 10 people from Nepal and other places AND have representatives of some 30 different organizations get up and speak (although limited to under two minutes - you know how it goes) was just bit too much to put it mildly.

Speeches are necessary - but around 50 of them? Time would have been well spent had they limited the speeches to bare necessities and everyone socialize - doing other things where a gathering such as this would have been so fruitful.

My butt hurt seating for over two hours while your noses were bulging so big with all the sweet talks. I'll be first to say it's not easy to organize such events, but don't do it so that it appears like you were craving for some recognition. Be smart about your time and our time.

And again, congratulations. I mean that.

Name Tshering Tenjing Sherpa
Location Kathmandu Nepal 
Comments: Dear US Nepal Media Center.
You did a great community work. This news site is really good site than others.
Thank you very much.
Tshering T. Sherpa
Mahayana Digital Consultancy
Baudha Arubari 7
Kathmandu Nepal.

Editor & Publisher,
Email-  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Name Indra Tamang
Location 41-47 63rd Street, Woodside,NY 11377 
Comments: On behalf of Tamang Society of America, and myself, I would like to extend my deep sorrow and heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family and friends of late Mr. Thapa. 
Tamang Socitey of America,
Indra Tamang

Manju Sanjel K.C
Location Washington 
Comments: Baga le khaye pani kilo ritai bhir bata lade pani kilo ritai hami immigrant haru lai koi aaye pani kei hune wala chaina...afno dhukha afai sanga ho...asha garu nepal sapre pachi kei hola ki...tei pani nepal saprela jasto paristiti chaina...

Madhav Rajbanshi
Location uae 
Comments: Manju ji lay garay ko comment saarai man pariyo. Hamro deshe maa jun sukai sarkar aayee pani garib ra nimukha ko uthan hundai na. Yeskaran yedi nepal lai naya banaunu 6 bhaney sabai nepali eek bhai aagadi badhau. Thanks.

Rim Galami
Location Swindon 
Comments: Rakchhya Mantri Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal le bhannu bhayeko sena samayojan ko bisayema jun dharana ohale bahira lyaunu bhayekop chha tyo ahile ko samayeko mag ho,yedi tyo dhanga le sena samayojan nagare santi prakriya nai dharap parna sakchha.sena samayojan kun dhangale garne bhanne kura ko nirnaye garne adhikar yehi janadesh prapta sarkar lai nai chha.

Madhu Rajbanshi
Location KSA 
Comments: This programme is good. I like this too much because of very nice photos. When I seen this picture I fall down from the sky actually Swechhya picture. Best of luck.

Dipsk Pandey
Location Nepal 
Comments: This side I like very much and Mohanbikram Singh ko Sangiyata ko birodha ko article is good. OK

Suman Priya
Location UK
Comments: This site is my best. More pictures add ok thank u all viewers.

Prerana Limbu
Location Nepal
Comments: Thanks usnepalonline sarkarko niti tatha karekram Nepali media le vanda pahila diyakoma. Keep it continue.

Name Sita Magar
Location Hong Kong
Comments: How wonderful news portal. I like it. News and documents are very useful for me. I feel in Nepal reading your news. Make it more indigenous site also.

Bala Ram Aryal (Dr)
Location Nepal 
Comments A Very Praiseworthy Endeavour ! I wish u all a great success.
Name Kausal Kumar
Location Kathmandu
Comments: Thanks. USNepalOnline.Com
First time I read people's (नयाँ नेपालको नयाँ समिकरण देखेर जनता परे जिल्ल) voice in ur news portal. Really, always leaders voice is not our interest.
Keep it continue.

Name Keshav Nepal
Location New Delhi - India
Comments: Dear Friends, you are doing extra ordinary work for our community. My sincere thanks to the organisor of this project. Congratulation.

Name Dom Acharya
Location Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Comments: I am very happy to find this Nepali site of the US.
I am a Nepali speaking guy who would continually serve for the cause of Nepali language and ethnicity. Moreover, Nepali being is a matter of Pride for us all.

Shiva Gurung
Location USA Appleton, Wisconsin
Comments: It's very nice job that we are be able to know everything keep do the great job...

Tashi Ghale
Location Boudha, Kathmandu
Comments: I just read about the Lakhan Thapa and its statue, which has been restored in the Pokhara after the unity of an indigenous person from various districts protest for that particular statue to be remade, as it was destroyed by the Joint effort of YCL and some other organization, as subjected unintentional. Anyway I felt way happy on the effort made by our indigenous people for that work and I just hope that we should unite against each and every obstacles for better development which we need for our forthcoming generations, to be live in peace.

''Lets Unite against all Odds!'' and I also would like to add one thing. As NEFIN, before three week, organized a participatory tour program, where the different indigneous people from different indigenous community visited and monitored Baglung, Butwal, Sindhuli, Illam and Kaski (Pokhara) District Coordination Council too. And from Pokhara (Kaski) District Coordination Council (Vice-Chairman Ambar Tulachan), we came to know that they are making efforts on making one musuems on indigenous, certain Indigenous 
People Organization (who dont have their own ones) and also establishment of Kaski District Coordination Council on that 41 ropanis land after a lot of effort too, which they had previously seized and hasn't been able to even protect that land by barbed-wiring. So, I think one should look after that 41 ropanis of land just back of that Chusang Sewa Samiti and Nepal Magar Sangh, Kaski. Therefore, please do something for that pokhara peoples for yours own identity too.

Thank You!

Tashi Ghale
Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities
Janajati Empowerment Project


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