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Written by Tunga S. Bastola, Central Bureau of Statistics, Nepal   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010 01:23

Kathmandu- In Nepal, like in many other countries, population censuses have been taken every ten years or so. Since the first population count of 1911, nine more censuses have been conducted so far. The earlier censuses of Nepal are considered less precise as compared to the modern ones. Four censuses taken before the 1952/54 census, for example, are considered “head counts” only. The 1952/54 census was taken in two parts of the country in two different years. Then a synchronized census was taken in 1961. After 1961, a census has been taken in every ten years. The last census in this series is the 2001 census.


Compared to the early censuses, the modern censuses of Nepal are becoming more popular. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2047 (1990) has increased the importance of the Nepali Population Census. According to the Constitution, the number of seats in the “House of Representatives” from each of the 75 administrative districts is determined on the basis of the population census. The provision in the Constitution reads as follows:

"…the ratio of the number of seats allocated to any district shall be, so far as practicable, equal to the ratio of the population of that district to the national population, as determined by the last census preceding the concerned election…"

(Sub-article (2) of Article 45, Part 8 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2047)

Although, for the purpose of the Constitution it might seem that head count is sufficient, the modern population censuses of Nepal are more than the head counts. They provide a wealth of information on the state of the population in the country. This paper presents a general perspective on the upcoming 2011 census of Nepal primarily based on the experiences of the last census of 2001. Read more


It's in Our Hands: Be Counted in 2010 US Census

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