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Tuesday, 09 July 2013 05:32

Special: 2 photos: New York- We are pleased to announce that we will accept applications for Auditions till July 14th 2013 and final auditions will be held on July 16th 2013.

We, Miss Nepal US team, always thrive to achieve excellence by selecting the best of the best to represent us on the global stage of Miss Nepal US. We want all of our participants to get their fair shot at the title and due to overwhelming number of applicants still applying for the prestigious title; we are pleased to announce that we will accept applications for Auditions till July 14th 2013 and final auditions will be held on July 16th 2013. We are taking this step to ensure that we have the best twenty applicants to represent us at the Grand Finale.

The grand finale event scheduled to be held in August, 17, 2013 at Queens Theater, New York shall be graced by members of jury, celebrities and dignitaries who have achieved eminence in their life.

For more info regarding the participant application and event info please visit us at: or email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Malvika Subba
Chief Choreographer

Winner of Miss Nepal 2002,Nepalese media personality, actress, television host, social activist & entrepreneur, Malvika Subba has done it all. Her accomplishments and hard work on and off the stages has made her one of the most popular celebrity in Nepal and world around. We are pleased to announce that Malvika will be the Chief Choreographer for Miss Nepal US 2013.

Maytee Martinez

Maytee Martinez is an international model and has worked with one of the biggest names in the industry. She has worked with big names like Victoria Secrets, St. John, Bvlgari, Lipsy Londonand much more. We are pleased to announce that Maytee will be training our participants.

Bishwo Prakash Gautam
Chief Fashion Designer

Mr Gautam, a self-made man and a lead designer in major fashion houses in Nepal, quickly became one leading man of Fashion Designing. With his hard work and dedication, Mr. Gautam started with his line of clothing, Designer Collection in 2008, major clothing company built to cater to international clients, from Europe to America. He has not only work with big names in film and music industry but has also made his mark by designing for Miss World Nepal 2012. We are elated that Mr. Gautam has chosen be our official Fashion Designer.

Benefits of Winning / Participating on Miss Nepal US

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-Support former Miss nepal USA 2011 Sujita Basnet's Fellowship in Nepal

-"मिस नेपाल अमेरिका २०१२" बनिन् ३ पटक गोल्डन भोइस अवार्ड बिजेता आस्था श्रेष्ठ

The 28 contestants of Miss Nepal US (A). Photo courtesy:

-न्यू योर्कमा मिस नेपाल युएस (ए) २०१२ का २८ प्रतिस्पर्धी सुन्दरीहरुद्वारा ट्यालेन्ट शो सम्पन्न, सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिता अगस्ट ११ तारिख भर्जिनियामा हुँदै

-मिस नेपाल अमेरिका २०१२ (Miss Nepal US 2012) सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिताको तयारी तीब्र
मे र जूनमा अडिसन हुँदै, अन्तिम प्रतियोगिता अगस्ट ११ मा वासिङ्टन डिसीमा हुने
नेपाल एम्बासडरमा नायिका केकी अधिकारी, साँस्कृतिक संयोजकमा सरोज खनाल नियुक्त

-Announcement of MISS NEPAL US 2012 (मिस नेपाल युएस २०१२ को घोषणा)            
मिस नेपाल युएस २०१२ को घोषणा, अगस्ट ११ मा वासिङ्टन डिसीमा हुने

-न्यू योर्कमा मिस नेपाल युएसए २०११ का बिजेता सुजिता बस्नेत र प्रतियोगीहरुको स्वागत कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

-मिस नेपाल युएसए २०११ बनिन् - सुजिता बस्नेत

-मिस नेपाल युएस सुन्दरीहरुको प्रतिभा हेर्ने होइन?

-नायिका गौरी मल्लद्वारा Miss Nepal USA 2011 कार्यक्रम संयोजक पदबाट राजिनामा

-न्यू योर्कमा मिस नेपाल युएसए (Miss Nepal USA 2011) प्रतियोगिताको अन्तिम तयारी हुँदै, २७ सुन्दरी युवतीहरुको छनौट सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा मिस नेपाल युएसए (Miss Nepal USA 2011) प्रतियोगिताकालागि अडिसन र फेसन शो सम्पन्न

-न्यू योर्कमा पहिलो "मिस नेपाल युएसए-२०११" सुन्दरी प्रतियोगिता हुने


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