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Indigenous People of Nepal

Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang Idolized by His fans in New York
प्रशान्‍त तामाङ न्‍यूयोकंका नेपालीहरू माझ

Prashant with members of Tamang Society of America.- in New York City event (Dec. 8, 2007). Photo:  Ang Kami Sherpa

साताको कुराकानी ‌प्रशान्‍त तामाङसंग पढ्‍नुहोस्‌
नेपाली रुपान्‍तर समाचार पढ्‍नुहोस्‌

New York, NY. 8 December. Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang idolized by his fans in New York event held at Jacob Javits Center. About 2000 enthusiastic Nepalese, Indians and Tibetans stood on line for three hours to gain entrance to the concert hall. This was the third of four appearances of Prashant in the USA including Washington DC; Boston, MASS; NY, NY and Atlanta, GA. He had already toured Nepal.

In a pre-concert interview Prashant told this reporter-“I am thankful to all my fans,  especially Nepalese around the world who supported me during the contest and gave me warm love during my tour”. When he sang the Nepali song “Bir Gorkhali” from his recently release solo album “Dhanyabad” the crowd joined him in a chorus of proud voices. Throughout the concert he repeated his deep gratitude as if he could not say enough to thank his supporters. He spoke in Nepali all evening as he narrated his inspiring life story of struggle and triumph between his songs.  Although a Nepalese Indian, Prashant seemed a genuinely proud Nepali at heart.

Prashant’s stage presence is at once self confident and yet humble. His fans reached out to touch him then hundreds in the crowd of all ages surged toward the stage, overwhelming the good natured security guards. He invited a few  blushing girls up to the stage to partner him during love songs.

During the program Prashant was honored by Tamang Society of America with traditional Nepalese khada and letter of appreciation and welcome by Tamang girls dressed in Tamang costume. Later, eight girls came to the stage wearing t-shirts, each with one letter, spelled out  P-R-A-S-H-A-N-T . He rewarded each with his album and a hug.

Organizers of the event  were Moonlight Records , and Nepali Aawaz.

Prashant Tamang & Other Nepalese Indian Heroes Who Made us Proud

Prashant Tamang, an Indian of Nepalese origin, once again gave Nepalese
around the world reason to be proud of our glorious past. By profession a policeman and singer, Prashant is the first contestant of Nepalese-Indian origin to win the coveted title "Indian Idol 2007".

Native of Tungsung, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Prashant Tamang is the
only son of Rupa Tamang and her late husband, police officer Madan Tamang. He has one sister.

India's modern history is not complete without calling up the names of many brave and talented Indians of Nepalese origin. Many of us are unaware that the composer of India's national anthem and the song 'Jana Gana Mana', was the late Capt. Ram Singh Thakur, also of Nepalese origin.

"Ma Bhakta Chhu Afno Jaati (Nepali) ko, Mero Binti Faalaafaal Nagar
Chot laagera Dukheko Yo Dil Lai, Nun chhari Ajha Behal Nagar

Jaati Dharma Bujhen Jahiledekhi, Jaati Premamaa Jogi Bhayeko Chhu
Ma Alakha Jagaudai Duldaichhu, Malai Bhickhu bhani Apagaal Nagar"


Above quoted song's "we Nepalese" message is a witness of 19th century's most memorable Nepalese folk song composer and singer Master Mitrasen Thapa Magar (1895-1946) of Bhagsu, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India, is another Indian of Nepalese origin who, at the very first time, successfully united the Nepalese of Nepal, India, Burma and beyond.

During the Indian Independence Movement, thousands of Nepalese and
Indians of Nepalese origin fought the colonial British Raj and sacrified their lives for the freedom of India. Nepalese Indian martyrs Major Durga Malla (executed in Old Delhi Jail, near Delhi Gate-August 24, 1944) and Capt. Dalbahadur Thapa (executed at Central jail, near Lal Killa, Delhi-May 3, 1945) were among the Indians who were executed by British Raj.

77 years ago (1930) when Mahatma Gandhi launched his famous Salt
Satyagraha (Salt March), the most inspiring event in the
history of the freedom movement of India, there were two Nepalese
(Mahavir Giri and Kharag Bahadur Singh Giri) among 78 other
satyagrahha marchers.

2500 years ago, Gautam Buddha, who is known as 'Light of Asia', was
born in Lumbini, Nepal but his enlightenment was attained in Bodh Gaya,
India. Most of his life-long preaching took place in Northern India and thus
enriched the ancient Indian philosophy by spreading the message
of love and peace.

Last but not least, we should not forget to salute the bravery, martyrdom, honesty and loyalty of hundreds of thousands Gorkhali (Nepalese) who have been serving in Indian army and fought many wars in Kargil to Kohima to protect Indian sovereignty and its independence.

Be proud to be a Nepalese (Nepali). Celebrate the success of
Prashant and spread the news of the glorious present and past of
Indians of Nepalese origin.

Pradeep Thapa





फोटो फिचर
Photo Feature
Prashant Tamang
in NYC 2007
Photos by Pemba G. Sherpa

Prashant! Photos: eEyeCam





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