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News from New York: NYC 2nd Annual Dance Parade May 17, 2008

New York City, May 17, 2008- There were more than 3500 Dancers, 108 Dance Organizations, and 31 Dance Styles dancing on the street of New York City, the capital city of the world. New York City hosted its 2nd Annual Dance Parade today. On occasion of the event, Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City says "New York is an international cultural capital, and dance is no exception. Whether they prefer swing or salsa, ballroom or ballet, some of the globe’s greatest dancers call our great City home. New York has been the birthplace of dance styles such as salsa and tap, and we are delighted to host such a vibrant celebration of rhythmic movement."

Victoria Crispo, Instructor, Dance Central New York.

Yana Schnitzler, Director of Human Kinetics Movement Arts, NYC.

Elizabeth A. Coco, Production Manager, Thrive Dance NY. It connects communities through inspiration, education, and the transformation of life.

Miss Dance of the United States 2007 Justine Delpriora, 17, Westchester, NY.

Members of Manhattan Tribal.

Members of NYC BHANGRA CLUB. This rapidly growing dance group in the NYC area comprising of 170+ members from all over the globe: India, Latin America, USA and Europe.

Members of Knicks City Dancers.

Helen Skarla, Skarla Dance and Gymnastics Center, Whitestone, NY

Members of Skarla Dance and Gymnastics Center, Whitestone, NY

Members of Skarla Dance and Gymnastics Center, Whitestone, NY.

Members of PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment). PURE is collective of dancers and drummers who take music and dance out into the streets for the purposes of healing and peace. Movements from ancient sacred world traditions including Middle Eastern, Chinese, Romani gypsy, Israeli folk, Flamenco, Indian dance and drumming will be incorporated into the PURE experience.

Marizete, Brazil

Anne Matematico is a graduate from the University of the Arts with a BFA in dance. She has appeared on almost every major television network and performs and teaches regularly in the tri-state area with organizations such as the Leadership Program and the Educational Alliance. She is also a co-founder of "Aloha Hula NYC Dance" and serves as Director at Dance Central New York.

Members of Manhattan Tribal.

Members of Korean Traditional Music & Dance Institute of NY.

Photos: eEyeCam

NYC 2nd Annual Dance Parade Photo Feature: Main; 1; 2; 3
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