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NRNA ICC & NCC America's appeal to participation in Nepal's constitution making process

Dear NRN America Community Leaders and Members,

On behalf of the Nepalese Americas Council/the Non Resident Nepalese Association-National Coordination Council of America (NAC/NRNA-NCC America), I am writing to ask you to participate in the Nepal’s new constitution making process. There have been wide efforts made by the Government of Nepal in asking all Nepalese to be engaged in providing constructive suggestions to the Constitution Drafting Committee of the Constitution Assembly of Nepal. The Government of Nepal has also asked the Non-Residents Nepalese to participate in the process by sending our constructive suggestions. Taking this as an important and in many ways a rare opportunity, the NRNA International Coordination Council (ICC) has formed a Constitution Recommendation Committee comprising of many prominent members of the Nepali diaspora, including all the Presidents of the NRNA National Coordination Councils of respective countries.

I am also including a form issued by the NRNA-ICC Constitution Recommendation Committee for your use along with a note from Professor Surya Subedi, Coordinator of Committee. Please fill out the form and email it (as an attachment in MSWord format) at: nrnnacc@gmail.com and we will submit all your ideas to the Committee promptly. I would also strongly urge you to share this information with individuals and groups in your network(s) and urge everyone to participate in this important project. Please keep in mind that all our suggestions must reach NRNA-ICC Constitution Recommendation Committee Secretariat no later than 15th March 2009. Also, please note that on specific NRN issues, this work will complement the work of NCC America’s Constitution Recommendation Taskforce that is already in progress under the leadership/coordination of Khagendra Chhetry.

Thank you for your cooperation and contributions.

With warmest regards,
Tara Niraula

Dr. Tara Niraula, President
NAC/NRNA National Coordination Council of America
NRNA-ICC Constitution Recommendation Committee

Dear all,
Greetings from England!

As you all are aware, our motherland is going through a process of massive political change. The Constituent Assembly has started its work to collect suggestions from people of all walks of life on the new constitution of the country.
As part of their process of consultation, the CA members have expressed an interest in receiving suggestions from us, NRNs, residing in different parts of the world. Accordingly, our committee was set by the ICC of NRNA with the task of collecting, collating, consolidating and refining suggestions from NRNs and preparing a well thought out set of suggestions to be presented to the CA through the ICC.

First of all, I, in my capacity as coordinator of this committee, would like to thank the ICC for their trust and confidence placed in us, members of the Committee, to carry out such an important task.

Second, I would like to thank you all for agreeing to join the committee and work collectively to fulfil our mandate and I look forward to working with you in this Committee.

You will agree with me that writing a constitution of a country is a historic and challenging task and we must make sure that we do our best to give as sound, sensible and concrete suggestions as possible to the CA for the betterment of the people of Nepal and our nation. I believe that we NRNs do possess collectively a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through our own journeys in life in different parts of the globe and this is the time for us to share this with other fellow Nepalese in general and the CA members in particular.

Therefore, I have developed, in consultation with a few other colleagues and those in the NRNA secretariat, a set of questions which I thought would be at the heart of our future constitution. Please find attached the format for suggestions containing these questions concerning the future constitution of Nepal.

I would be grateful if you all, the Presidents of all NCCs of the NRNA, would kindly:

(1) Organise an interaction programme or programmes in your country concerned to collect as many suggestions as possible from as many NRNs as possible representing people of all backgrounds (e.g., gender, ethnicity, profession and disadvantaged and marginalised groups etc.) focussing on the attached set of questions and send them to us in the form of a single consolidated document from each of the NCC concerned as soon as possible.

(2) Please use the format attached to this message and focus on your concrete point-by-point suggestions. Please do not make any long political statements. We do not need lengthy justifications of any suggestions you may be making either. Please be concise and to the point when making your suggestions.

(3) Please send your suggestions typed in English or Nepali (using Preeti font or Unicode).

(4) Please note that it is not obligatory to cover all topics. You can offer suggestions on selected topics only.

(5) Before sending your suggestions please do your best to look at the constitution of the country of your residence and pick up any example of a best practice of good governance in that country and including it in your suggestions as examples.

(6) Please send a soft copy of your suggestions as an e-mail attachment to me as well as to both Dr Jugal Bhurtel and Dr Hemant Dabadi and a hard copy together with a copy of the constitution of the country of your residence to the NRNA secretariat in Kathmandu so that we can submit all these material to the CA when we submit our final set of suggestions to them.

(7) Please send your suggestions as soon as possible and no later than 15th of March 2009 as time is running out for us and if we wish to make a good impact of our suggestions we must submit them as soon as possible.

In an ideal situation I would have liked to consult you all before finalising the attached format for suggestions. However, since we live in different time zones and have our own personal, professional or other occupations, it did not look feasible to me to engage in such a consultation given the time constraints that we have. Therefore, every section in the format has a clause entitled, "Any other suggestion not included in the above list". Even if you were to think that something important is missing or has been forgotten, you are welcome to use this clause to offer your suggestions on any topic that you may deem to be important.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards.
Professor Surya P. Subedi, O.B.E.
DPhil (Oxford); Barrister (England)
School of Law, University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT, UK; Tel: 0113 3434 616

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