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Magar Community Pressing for the Establishment of Magarant

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“Autonomous State with Right to Self-determination is the Right Answer for Freedom of Ethnic Communities"-Defense Minister Thapa

Defense Minister Rambahadur Thapa Magar "Badal". Photos: Smita

Kathmandu, December 14, 2008- Senior Maoist leader and Defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar ‘Baadal’ said on Friday that while demanding their autonomous states the concerned communities need to communicate with each other in order to avoid conflict among themselves.

Speaking at a national seminar organized by Nepal Magar Association (NMA) on Magarant, Minister Thapa said, “The geographical boundary of demanded autonomous states from different ethnic communities and regions should be taken very sensitively because concocted decisions are sure to lead the communities into conflict.” Thapa said, it is therefore a must for these communities to come together to discuss and decide on geographical boundaries for autonomous state.

“We are living for the ethnic liberation and dying for it. But while doing so, we should keep in mind that while we are fighting for our freedom, we are not killing others’ freedom. Instead, our fight for liberation should act as a support for liberation of other ethnic communities as well,” Thapa added.

He said that autonomous states should be determined by analyzing the history, culture, language and population of that area. “With these autonomous states we are respecting the communities’ culture, language and history and at the same time letting them to decide on their fate themselves.”
He stressed that the new Constitution should make public winners. “The Constitution should not have provisions where, in the name of competition, the public – poor, marginalized, disadvantaged people – compete in order to loose. The Constitution should make us winners. For that there should be competition among equals – poor with poor, women with women, Dalit with Dalit, Janajati with Janajati”.

Jhakendra Gharti Magar.  Photos: Smita

“Autonomous state with Right to self-determination is the right answer for freedom of ethnic communities so, united, they have to fight to ensure their political, cultural and social rights through new the Constitution,” Minister Thapa added.

Jhakendra Gharti Magar, a sociology scholar presenting a resource paper on Magarant also expressed the urgent need for common consensus with other ethnic groups that are demanding autonomous states before NMA decides on the boundaries of the Magarant Autonomous State, as lots of drafts presented by different communities on their respective autonomous states’ boundaries overlap with each other.

“It is of utmost necessity to form Magarant Community take our issues into serious discussion with other ethnic groups to determine our state’s boundary so as to avoid conflict among ourselves,” urged Gharti Magar.

Magar intellectuals gathered from all over the nation emphasized the formation of Magar Morcha and Magarant Community as soon as possible to strongly expressing Magar issues and Magarant autonomous state so as to guarantee it’s inclusion in the up-coming Constitution. They urged Magar Constituent Assembly Members to play a crucial role in the Constituent Assembly for ensuring Magar rights and establishment of Magarant. ‘We will play our roles through lobbying, discussions and, if necessary, from road,’ they said.

Photos: Smita

NMA President Jhak Bahadur Thapa Magar made it known that the decisions of the interaction program will be taken to the Magarant areas to discuss further with the local people and produce a final paper on Magarant and Magar agendas concerning rights to be included in the Constitution of Federal Democratic Republic Nepal.

-Smita Magar in Kathmandu
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