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A Brave Little Hero of Nepal: Kamal Nepali
तथाकथित "अछुत" जातिका बालक कमलले यसरी बचाए बालिका

Archive» Words & photos: Sangmo Background image of Phewa Taal & illustration: eEyeCam

Kamal waving to crowd during reception rally in Kathmandu on Friday. Photos: Sangmo

Kathmandu,  June 27, 2008- पोखराका १२ बर्शिय कमल नेपालीले २ बर्शिय बालिका लाई उधार गरेको खबर सँगै उनी रातारात हिरो मात्र होइन उनले अब काठमाडौंको नामी बिधालयमा हाइ स्कुल र कलेजसम्म नि:शुल्क पढ्न पाउने भएका छन्‌। हाम्रा काठमाडौं सम्बाददाता साङ्‍मो योन्जन तामाङको बिशेष रिपोर्ट पढ्नुहोस्:

Nobody believed that a 12 years old boy could risk to his own life to save someone else’s precious life. Courageous Kamal Nepali, a residence of Tutang, Pokhara, showed his bravery to all the Nepalese Peoples by rescuing a two and half year old baby girl, Aaradhana Pradhan from a 60-feet deep gorge of Seti River on June 25. Aaradhana who fell into the gorge on June 24 was struggling for her life for 22 hours as local Army soldiers and Police personnel failed to rescue her in time.

Kamal was brought to Kathmandu along with his father and brother for felicitation, commending his heroism.

Rescue team members along with Kamal Nepali at felicitation programme.

"I feel glad for saving the life of Aaradhana" says brave Kamal Nepali who made all people proud for his heroic act. Stating that he was encouraged by his brother Salam Nepali and the rescue teams to go into the deep gorge to take out the child, Kamal shares "I didn't fear for that dangerous deed". "I couldn't stop myself going into the deep narrow gorge after thinking about little girl’s situation" first grader Kamal says.
  Kamal has proven that courage matters a lot more than age for any kind of difficult task.

In the successful attempt of Kamal, there is also a great hand of the five rescue personnel of Nepal Canoeing Association who headed towards the incident spot from Kathmandu soon after knowing the news of trapped child into the deep gorge. " We couldn't make it down due to the narrow hole "Domi Sherpa, one of the rescue personnel shares their experience," there was a need of small boy who could enter the slender hole. Kamal dared to go inside risking his own life."

Rescue personnel then helped Kamal to put on the safety harness and took him down to the spot from where the gorge narrowed. "Two rescue personnel waited for Kamal outside the gorge, while he lowered himself down following instructions from us through walkie-talkie." says Sherpa.

The rescued child Aaradhana is the only daughter of John Pradhan and Estar Pradhan, Nayagaun, Pokhara. She is undergoing treatment in Manipal Hospital, Pokhara. Doctor involved in her treatment says her health is normal.

Kamal's father Nil Bahadur Nepali is also joyous at this moment, "I am happy that my son saved the life of the little girl and came outside safely."

Kamal at the rally in Kathmandu. Photo: Sangmo

Kamal Nepali has now become a public hero in Nepal for suddenly rescuing the child from a 'death trap'. He is the center of attraction for all people who praise him for his boldness. People run after him just to take a single glance. He has been receiving rewards and appreciation for his courage. Donations are flowing in for Kamal. Many organizations and individuals are awarding him cash prizes.

"I feel happy for rewards and appreciations provided to me", Kamal smiles. He is planning to save those for his education.

Meanwhile, he took part in a rally organized by Sagarmatha Television to honour his bravery in the capital on June 27. He remains busy receiving accolades and appreciation while general public and media captured the photographs of Kamal.

At the felicitation program, donations and rewards pour in for Kamal amidst a huge crowd gathered to meet him. Commending his bravery, The Bir Ganesh Man Singh Children's Talent Foundation has decided to honor him with this year's Bir Ganesh Man Singh Children's Talent Award as well as with Child of the Year award.

Similarly, a Noodles company promised to establish a bravery award with the first award given to Kamal Nepali. A human rights organization gave him lifetime membership.

Xavier International School and College signed an agreement with Kamal's family to sponsor his education with full boarding facility until graduation while another school announced scholarship for Kamal's post- graduate studies.

Miteri Hospital will provide life-long free treatment.

Indeed, Kamal Nepali's courageous act has set a new standard of Nepali heroism in the international community. It is a matter of pride to all Nepalese people. It is a noteworthy as well as an appreciated deed for others. The state should respect Kamal Nepali for his humanity and bravery.

-Sangmo Yonjan- Tamang in Kathmandu
  तपाईंको भनाइ लेखी छाड्‍न र अरुको भनाइ पढ्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस्
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