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Homepage Photo Features: April 27, 2008

New York April 27, 2008-"When will peace prevail in Nepal?" Ravi Lamichhane put this question to Rajaram Paudel, a well known comedian, in a skit during  a Nepalese cultural event in New York City yesterday organized by Nepali Jana Samparka Samiti. Ravi gave him four options for his answer: 1. Right away, 2. In 10 years, 3. In 100 years, and 4. God knows! In contrast to his usual funny bone character, Rajaram changed the mood of the audience with a mock-serious call to his wife in Nepal when he asked her the same question, "Darling wife, when will "Shanti" (Peace) come to Nepal?" Misunderstanding him, she cried, thinking he was sending a girl named Shanti in his place. More photo features»
Words: Pratha Magar. Photos & illustration: eEyeCam
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