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March 2009
Multilingual Education in Nepal-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
February 2009
NRNA ICC & NCC America's appeal to participation in Nepal's constitution making process-US Nepal Desk
LHOSAR, a New Year Celebration for a Better World-Tsewang Sherpa Lama
NRN Association Forms Constitution Suggestion Committee-US Nepal Desk
UNPO Marks Its 18th Anniversary: New Campaign-"Earth, Exploitation and Survival"-USNepal Desk
Nepalese Job Fair Seminar in New York-USNepal Desk
Nepal's New Constitution: NRN Appeal to All Nepalese Community leaders in USA-USNepal Desk
Would you like to visit Limbuwan ? This music video makes you want to go there-Sangmo-Yonjan-Tamang
January 2009
Sonam Lhochhar Celebrated by Tamang Community in Kathmandu (6 Photos)-Sangmo-Yonjan-Tamang
ONA commends President Obama for timely support of transparent government-USNepal Desk
97 Tamang Organizations Preparing for Sonam Lhochhar Celebration
Tamangsaling Autonomous States is Their Goal
(2 Photos)-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Special: Transcript of the 44th President of USA, Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech
Special: American President George W Bush's Farewell Speech
Important UN Doc: Climate Change, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples-Andrea Carmen
UK Battle: AIT Court Decision On Gurkha Policy-Dr. Chandra Gurung
December 2008
Lhosar Ashimala from Tamu Communities: Demand for Tamuwan Autonomous State-Sangmo Yonjan Tamang
Other Side Story of Himal Media Attacks-Media Workers' Alliance
Special photo feature: Nepal Festival USA 2008: Opening (20), Exhibition (23) & Cultural Nite (33)
With 240,000 Glamorous Crystals, Long Legged Ladies Shine!
World Famous Christmas Spectacular in New York City (55 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
“Autonomous State with Right to Self-determination is the Right Answer for Freedom of Ethnic Communities"-Defense Minister Thapa  (4 Photos)
Magar Community Pressing for the Establishment of Magarant-Smita Magar
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UN.Org
Special photo feature: Domestic Workers of New York Seen in the Eyes of Children They Raised  (7 Photos)-Amit Shah
Athar Magarant Magars Celebrated AMMP's 8th Anniversary (4 Photos)-Smita Magar
UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples Visited Nepal-Smita Magar
Smiley Face In the Sky (2 Photos)-Smita Magar
November 2008
Thanksgiving Day Celebrated in New York  (11 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Nepalese Landless People Protesting for Land Rights (5 photos)-Smita Magar
Canadian Nepalese Pashupati Pokharel Honored for His Community Service (4 Photos)-Rashmi Thapa Magar
Special feature: A Day of Great Loss for Nepali Music Lovers-Smita Magar
A Tribute to Musician & Singer Ram Thapa
(7 Photos)
Nepalese Musician & Folk Singer Ram Thapa Is No More (3 photos)-Smita Magar
Peace Process in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities-Fatikbahadur Thapa Magar, former MP, Nepal
Let's Celebrate Nepalese Womanhood  in New York City !  (9 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Tamu (Gurung) Journalists Elected 11 Members as Their Leaders (9 Photos)-Smita Magar
Special photo feature: Nepalese Indigenous Cultural Festival in Palpa (21 Photos)-Smita Magar
"We'll be there!" (3 Photos)-Barack Obama, 44th President-elect of the United States of America
Barack Obama's Victory Speech as the 44th US President Elect
God Bless America! Americans Choosing Today Their 44th President (16 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Bittersweet Truth: American Politics, Media Hype and Super Power Syndrome-Pradeep Thapa magar
    Poorest of the Poor People Living Right Here in the USA?
Important: Q & A: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon & Journalists in Kathmandu-UNO बिशेष सम्बाददाता
Special feature: Less Than $ 2 Dollars: Woman’s Body Is on Sale! (5 Photos)-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Exclusive feature news story:
Once Ford Motor’s Dream Project Earns Livelihood in Nepal:
Hemp & Allo fibers: Source of Income for Rural Indigenous Nepalese Women (10 Photos)-Smita Magar
October 2008
“Army integration is the issue of the special situation and circumstances” - Defense Minister Rambahadur Thapa Magar ‘Baadal’-Smita Magar
Special Photo feature of BhaiTika: New York (33 Photos); New Jersey; Virginia (8 Photos); Kathmandu (12 Photos); Boston; Canada, UK (More coming up!)
Deusi-Bhailo Celebration in New York  (33 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Laxmi Puja in Divya Dham Mandir, Woodside, New York (13 Photos)-eEyeCam
Interaction with 28 American Nepalese about US Presidential election 2008
View list of Nepalese American leaders and entrepreneurs who participated in the interaction
Special Dashain Festivasl: दशैंको रमझम (148 photos) : New York-1, 2, 3,4; Florida; Canada; Nepal-1, 2, 3, 4; 5; 6; UK; S. Korea
Special Photo feature: Yoga for New Yorkers (Special: 15 Photos)-eEyeCam.Com
Manose Treats New Yorkers to Sounds of Nepalese Mountain Music (5 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Rukum and Rolpa Under Acute Food Shortage! (3 Photos)
Where People's war began but now a need of a war against poverty-Smita Magar
September 2008
Building New Nepal with Eight “Ja” Natural Resources-Durga D. Paudel
Eight ‘Ja’: Jal, Jamin, Jarajuri, Janawar, Jungle, Jadibuti, Jalabayu and Janasakti for Economic Development in Nepal
UN Wants to End Poverty by 2015 But Is Wary About the Deadline (6 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Nepal’s New Prime Minister Envisions Achievement by 2018
For Many World Leaders: UN Is a Must-Win Battle Ground : But at What Cost? (12 Photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Disappeared People’s Family and Displaced Nepalese Have No Hope from the New Government (6 Photos)-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Education, Health and Employment Are Nepalese Students’ Basic Right (9 Photos)-Smita Magar
With 2,000 Student Representatives and Guests from 40 countries
Pokhara Goes with Red for One of the Largest Student Unions’ Convention-Smita Magar
Special photo feature: German American 51st Annual Steuben Parade 2008 (September 19-20, 2008) (31 Photos)-eEyeCam
Texting for Peace: Can It Be That Easy?
Student Observance of the International Day of Peace (15 photos)-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Important Document: Nepal Budget for the Fiscal Year 2008-09 (English)
‘Fewer Federal States Is Better for Nepal’- George Anderson-Smita Magar
Indra Jatra Celebrated by Maha Raja to President (6 photos)-Smita Magar
Nepalese Women in Decision Making Role (4 photos)-Smita Magar
UN expert marks first Anniversary of Landmark Declaration on Indigenous Peoples-UN News Service
Kathmandu Valley Returned to Normal After Government Committed Probe (4 photos)-Smita Magar
Remembering 9/11: Tragedy...And a New Hope (27 photos)
7th Anniversary of September 11 Terrorist Attacks in World Trade Center-Pradeep Thapa Magar
3,299 Nepalese Disappeared 970 are still Unknown-Smita Magar
8 Month Old Baby Left at Home while Mother Fought On the Battle Field
Maoists Female CA Members share Their experiences about a decade long conflict in Nepal-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Challenges of 21st Century-9: International Literacy Day 2008
One Billion People Cannot Read Or Write
Nepal Among the 16 Least Literate Countries out of World's 177-Pradeep Thapa Magar
SLC Holder Sherpa Students Honoured-Smita Magar
Country First Is John McCain's Priority-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Signatures for Nepalese Indigenous Peoples' Rights-Smita Magar
How did Koshi River Become a River of Sorrow?
-Santa Bahadur Pun Magar, former General Manager of Nepal Electricity Authority-Smita Magar
August 2008
Solidarity for Nepal-1 TV Journalists’ Protest-Smita Magar
McCain chooses a Woman Governor as His VP
Is Gov. Sarah Palin the Answer to Obama's Message of Change?-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Magar Leaders agreed to form a Coalition for Magarant Autonomous State-Smita Magar
"I have a Dream." Yes. That Dream Is Coming True-Pradeep Thapa Magar
American Politics, Media Hype and Super Power Syndrome-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Poorest of the Poor People Living Right Here in the USA?
Beijing Olympics: Moments to Cherish...Forever!-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Obama’s Choice: Will VP Biden Make the Difference?-Pradeep Thapa Magar
UNDP Brought Magar CA Members Together for a Lesson and Talk About Constitution Making Process-Smita Magar
Nepal Broadcasts News in 17 Ethnic Languages
15th Tamang Language Transmission Day Celebrated-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Memories That Last forever: Nepalese Indigenous Dances and Sports (21 photos, 17 ethnics)-Smita Magar
World's Top Media Highlighted Nepal's Maoist Prime Minister-Pratha Magar
America's Michael Phelps with 7 World Records and 8 Gold Medals in Beijing Olympics
Becomes the World's Hero As Well-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Indigenous Peoples Perspectives on Federal State in Nepal-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Magar Journalists form Magar Community United
Who Include from Gorkhapatra, NTV, Himal Media, Nepal FM, USNepalOnline.Com...
-Smita Magar
A Nepali Who Composed  the Music for India's National Anthem and Performed it on the First Day of India's Independence
60 Years of Independence: India is Stronger than Ever-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Why Do We Need Multilingual Policy in Nepal?-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Olympics update: Winners of the Beijing Olympics
Challenges of the 21st Century-8: Celebrating Youth: International Youth Day 2008-Pratha Magar
"Youth and Climate Change: Time for Action"
Lenka's Olympic Dream Becomes Real After 22 Years in Trampoline-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Call to Ensure Indigenous Rights in the New Constitution-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Profiles of 8 Nepalese Athletes Competing in Beijing Olympics-Smita Magar
World Indigenous Day Celebrated in Kathmandu with 19 point Declaration Demanding IP Rights-Smita Magar
Nepalese Indigenous Peoples Jubilant and as Colourful as They Can Be-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Nepalese Indigenous in New York Celebrated World Indigenous Day-Lab K Budha Magar
Reconciliation Progress Between States and Indigenous Peoples is 'Good Sign'-Pradeep Thapa Magar
But 'Not Enough' Say Indigenous Peoples
Prime Minister of Nepal Message on the World Indigenous Day
The UN Secretary General's Message on the the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
The UNPFII Chairperson's Message on the the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
World Indigenous Day Kathmandu Declaration 2008
Press Release of Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Nepal in America (FIPNA)
Special photo feature: Meet Kaena Hopkins and her friends from Honolulu Hawaii
Hula Indigenous Peoples from Honolulu, Hawaii at UN Headquarters, New York, August 8, 2008-eEyecam
Bravest of the Brave Tulbahadur Pun Magar, VC Hospitalized-Dr. Chandrabahadur Gurung
Voice for Nepalese Indigenous Peoples Rights
UN Indigenous Peoples Declaration and ILO Convention 169 Should be Guaranteed in the New Constitution-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Hunger Free Art for Nepalese Poor Children-Jujukaji Maharjan
Remembering Hiroshima with Peace in Our Hearts-Pradeep Thapa Magar
"Nepalese mountains taught me something important in life that I have never learned anywhere."-Kwon Hyouk Joung, Tae-kwon-do Coach, Nepal-Smita Magar
16th World Indigenous Day August 9 Celebration in Nepal-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Nepalese Athletes Dreaming Big in Beijing Olympics-Smita Magar
The 15th SAARC Summit: 'Partnerships for Our People'-Pradeep Thapa Magar
With Only 2 Months of Training: Nepalese Olympians Hope to Break Their Own National Records in Beijing-Smita Magar
20 American Mothers in Beijing Olympics
596 American Athletes will compete in all 30 Games of the Olympics-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Beijing Olympic 2008: Facts That You Need to Know-Pratha Magar
July 2008
Nepalese Women Find Literacy Class as Road to Independence-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Nepal’s Mountain Indigenous People Demand Autonomous State-Smita Magar
Protesters Demand Public Apology from Nepal’s Vice President for his Oath taken in Hindi-Smita Magar
Nepalese Women Are Not Safe Even in New Nepal-Smita Magar
Nepalese Students Will be Granted 45 percent Discount on Fares-Smita Magar
Nepalese Royalists on Federalism in Nepal-Smita Magar
BBC’s 10 Best Songs of the World- “Rhituharuma Timi..”by Arun Thapa Magar
Remembering Him and the Music Award that established in His Name
-Smita Magar
Tamang Indigenous Knowledge on Traditional folk Instrument Damphu-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Nepal's Constitutional Assembly Elected Jha as the first Vice-President of republic Nepal- Kishor Shrestha
Challenges of the 21st Century-7: The Fate of the World’s 49 Poorest Countries-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Debate: One: from our Guest Editor Kishor Shrestha
Federalism: Good or Bad for Nepal ?
Miss Venezuela wins Miss Universe 2008-Pradeep Thapa Magar
A Dark side story of the Birth Place of Light of Asia
Lumbini’s Development Myth: An Outlook 30 Years after the Master Plan was Designed-Smita Magar
America's Gruber Women's Rights Prize awarded to Nepalese Lawyer, CA Member Sapana Pradhan Malla-Pratha Magar
Destroyed Statue of Nepal’s First Martyr Lakhan Thapa to Be Restored-Smita Magar
Challenges of the 21st Century-6: World Population Day: 6,709,195,643 (GMT 01:57) and Counting...-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Californian Nepalese Celebrated Federal Republic Nepal-Roshan Subba Libang
June 2008
Leadership Training for Nepalese Indigenous Youth-Smita Magar
Workshop on Film-making for Indigenous Women in Nepal-Smita Magar
A Brave Little Hero of Nepal: Kamal Nepali-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
New York City Honors Nepalese Physician Dr. Rajendra Pradhan
Strikes after Strikes Paralyze Normal life in Nepal-Smita Magar
Women’s Commission releases landmark report on refugees with disabilities:
Challenges of the 21st Century-5: Voice of 3.5 million people with disabilities among the world’s 35 million displaced people-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Challenges of the 21st Century-4: World Refugee Day 2008: "We're thinking of you this day"
-UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador & Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie-Pradeep Thapa Magar
World Refugee Day: Displacement in the 21st Century. A new paradigm-UNHCR
Magars Celebrating “Bhumya” Festival with Prachanda-Smita Magar
American Journalist Tim Russert and His Legacy-Pradeep Thapa Magar
Nepalese Students Without Textbooks-Smita Magar
Oldest Man On the Top of The World-Smita Magar
2nd Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival 2008-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
New York Nepalese Declaration 2008 Released-USNepalOnline Staff
10 Nepalese Young Women Who Climbed Mt. Everest-Smita Magar
23 Nepalese Ethnic Films at the International Indigenous Film Festival-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Challenges of the 21st Century-3: World Environment Day 2008 & CO2-Pratha Magar
Third Genders on Relay Hunger Strike-Smita Magar
UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon MESSAGE FOR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2008
Obama wins the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Clinton Open to VP-Pratha Magar
An Encounter with an American Feminist Writer-Pratha Magar
Peoples’ Hopes in Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
View Point: No More a Himalayan Kingdom-Fatik Thapa Magar
May 2008
WHO Wants Total Ban on Tobacco Advertising-WHO Press Release
People of Nepal are joyous about the Republic State-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
28 Magar CA Members were Honoured-Smita Magar
Buddham Saranam Gachchhami: PM Koirala to Prachanda Gathered at the Birth Place of Buddha- Smita Magar
A Bright Young Nepalese Student Scientist Pukar and His American Dream-Pukar Hamal
Three Nepalese Indigenous Journalists were felicitated by federation- Smita Magar
2nd Annual NYC Dance Parade 2008 Features-Pratha Magar & Ang Kami Sherpa
View Point: Nepal’s CA Election Results: Losses and Gains-Fatik Thapa Magar
Two Must See Documentaries in Magar Culture- Smita Magar
Nepal's recent elections only one milestone in peace process - Ban Ki-moon, UN General Secretary
100 Model CA Members Drafting a New Constitution-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Book Review: अभाव (उपन्यास)-पार्वती श्रेष्ठ Young in Age, Matured in Thoughts- Smita Magar
Parijat and Her Legacy Bearers-Smita Magar
Unity is Necessary to Address the Tamang Community’s Issues-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
In the News: The 18-year-old girl who has had three hearts-Becky Sheaves
April 2008
World Indigenous Women Shine in UN-Photos & illustration: eEyeCam
Maoist Leader & Minister Dev Gurung Talked About His Vision for a New Nepal- Pradeep Thapa Magar
Challenges of the 21st Century-2: World’s Indigenous Voices Echo at United Nations Headquarters in New York- Pradeep Thapa Magar
From Our Guest Editor: How Did UML & NC Lose This CA Election?- Kishor Shrestha, Editor, Jana Aastha Weekly
United States Congratulates People of Nepal
Statement from Special Representative of the Secretary-General, UN-USNepalOnline Staff
King Gyanendra's 'Message' to the Nation-USNepalOnline Staff
Former US President Carter will meet Journalist on April 10 & 12-USNepalOnline Staff
All Attention towards Constitutional Assembly Election in Nepal
One Hundred Thousand Observers to be Deployed by 138 National and 28 International Groups
- Pradeep Thapa Magar
“So much hinges on the success of the election, and the acceptance by all of the will of the people.”-Ban Ki-moon, General Secretary, United Nations
“I am deeply hurt by Chinese Brutality to our Tibetan Brothers & Sisters”- Richard Gere, Hollywood actor
Interfaith Prayers for Peace in Tibet Held in New York City- Pradeep Thapa Magar
A Human Spirit who Inspires Everyone
Former US President Carter to Lead International Delegation to Observe Nepal's CA Elections
- Pradeep Thapa Magar
Only Surviving Speaker of Dura Language, Soma Devi tells Her Story- Smita Magar
'Women should fight for the right, not ask for it'.
"Indigenous women's issues in Constitution Assembly poll and Voter Education" Campaign in Nepal- Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
March 2008
Challenges of the 21st Century-1: Dedicate an Hour of Darkness to the Mother Earth- Pradeep Thapa Magar
Urgent Need to Implement ‘International Convention on Elimination of Racial Discrimination,1965’
When will end Racial Discrimination in Nepal?-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
500 Tibetan Protesters arrested in Nepal: Police arrest photo features-Pratha Magar & Santa Gaha Magar
Gurkhas Peace rally for justice in London- Pratha Magar & Dr. CB Gurung
Iraq: Where America Won the War but Lost the Battle- Pradeep Thapa Magar
Tibetans in NYC Cry for Their Loved Ones in Tibet- Pradeep Thapa Magar
American Benefactor Honoured by Kulung Peoples in Nepal- Smita Magar
Read transcript of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s speech to supporters after the March 4 nominating contests
UNMIN Helicopter Accident updates: United Nations Mission in Nepal press release-USNepalOnline Staff
February 2008
Nepal: Don’t Call It Shangri-La: Special report on livelihoods field assessment about IDPs and refugees in Nepal
-Dale Buscher & Lauren Heller, Women’s Commission, USA
Proportional Representation Demand at Magar Day Celebration -Smita Magar
International Mother Language Day is celebrated in Nepal -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
'Nepali (Khas) language is killing more than 150 Indigenous languages of Nepal' - Dr. David Hough
National Literature Symposium on Indigenous Languages -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Tamangs Celebrated Sonam Lhosar in Kathmandu -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Read King Gyanendra;s remarks on Yomiuri, Japanese news paper»
A New Hope for Endangered Indigenous Languages -Smita Magar
'Indigenous Languages of the world are not dying but killing by the power languages' -Dr. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Finland
-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
January 2008
The Saga of Limbu Survival: When a Kipat Is Lost...-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
"The United Staes encourages the Government and Communist Party to Nepal (Maoist) to work together to ensure that Constituent Assembly elections are held by mid-April."-George W. Bush, President of the United States of America
Janajatis Demand Equal Opportunity & Recognition-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
First Joint Rally of Seven Parties in Kathmandu: SPA leaders committed to CA polls on April 10-Smita Magar
Tamangs Call for Unity Before CA Election -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Danish Government Underwrites Training for Indigenous Film Makers -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Tamang Intellectuals Voice for Constitution Assembly -Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
Nepal’s National Holidays: Hindus 27, Janajatis 9-Sangmo Yonjan-Tamang
December 2007
Magar Students Demand Magar Homeland -Smita Magar
Will she live to pass the language to the next generation? -Smita Magar
Happy Lhosar! Gurung Lhosar New York-Arjun Gurung
Fishing for Future: How American Students are taught Aquaculture -Elizabeth Kendal
Christmas Day in New York City- eEyeCam
Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ remembering his message of Peace, Love & Hope-Pratha Magar
Fat Woman on The Mountain: She loves Nepal and would like to climb Himalayas!- Pratha Magar
The Sari Soldiers': Six Nepalese Women with Different Ideologies Find Common Ground Through Film-Smita Magar
One Million Immigrants Found Help at IINJ-Pratha Magar
UN Climate Change Conference 2007, Bali, Indonesia-Eric Lemus
Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang Idolized by His fans in New York-Pratha Magar
The United Nations Adopts Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples- Pradeep Thapa Magar
Interview: Fat Woman on The Mountain: She loves Nepal and would like to climb Himalayas!-Kara Richardson Whitely- Pratha Magar
Ayo Gorkhali!
Ayo Gorkhali!-2: One evening with VC Tulbahadur Pun Magar in Pokhara, Nepal -Pradeep Thapa Magar
Ayo Gorkhali!-1: Ayo Gorkhali! Where Do We Stand Now? -Dr. Chandra Bahadur Gurung, UK
Smiles by eEyeCam
Faces of the Week
Nepalese Folk Music & Dance
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